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Food is the most important part of AJ's, and we are always adding new dishes to our menu. Have a look at our special boards or download a recipe card and have a go yourself.

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At Ajs we are always looking for new and exciting ways to cook our fantastic local produce. Our chef's come up with different specials for our boards each day, here are some we have cooked recently.

Have a try at home or visit us then you don't have to bother with the washing up!!

Spicy Chorizo Potatoes with Eggs

Click here to download the full recipe.

Pot Roasted Brisket in Beer

Click here to download the full recipe.

Turkey Burgers with Beetroot Relish

Click here to download the full recipe.

Guinea Fowl with Sweet Peppers

Click here to download the full recipe.

Baked Seabass with Fennel

Click here to download the full recipe.

Slow Cooked Celeriac with Pork and Orange

Click here to download the full recipe.

Rabbit & Red Wine Sauce

Click here to download the full recipe.

Hot Smoked Trout & Asparagus Fritatta

Click here to download the full recipe.

White Chocolate Cheesecake

Click here to download the full recipe.

Foods In Seasons

It is important to eat food which is in season. It not only tastes better, but it is cheaper to produce as it grows naturally, but also it is better for the environment – food has to travel less, it doesn't need "help" to grow from chemicals, or heat.

What tastes better than bright red, juicy strawberries eaten on a hot summers day!

Fruit & Produce Seasonality Chart

Please download our fruit & produce seasonality chart.

Meat & Fish Seasonality Chart

Please download our meat & fish seasonality chart.

Food Miles Facts

breadFood miles - They describe how far food travels from the farmer who produces it to the consumer who eats it. That includes the journey from farm to processor, then from processor to retailer and finally from retailer to consumer.

It includes travel within the UK as well as between countries. Transporting food large distances, whether it travels by lorry or plane, generates significant carbon dioxide emissions, which lead to climate change.

In addition, the further food has to travel, the longer it spends in transit meaning vitamins are lost and nutritional values inevitably decline. Facts:

  • Food transport for UK consumption accounts for around 30 billion kilometres of vehicle travel every year and accounts for around 25% of all mileage clocked up by lorries in the UK.
  • UK food transport is responsible for around 19 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year. This represented 1.8 percent of the total annual UK CO2 emissions.
  • Transport of food by air has the highest CO2 emissions per mile and is the fastest growing mode of transportation. Although air freight of food accounts for only 1% of the miles travelled, it produces 11% of all CO2 emissions from food transportation.
  • The average UK family spend £189 every year on fuel visiting the supermarket to do their weekly shopping.
  • Many food products are shipped to the UK despite identical varieties of fruit and vegetables being available from UK farmers.
  • Around half of all vegetables and 95% of all fruit consumed in the United Kingdom are produced overseas.
  • The amount of food air-freighted around the world has risen by 140% since 1992.
  • The average number of miles travelled from farmer to plate for vegetables sourced from local producers is 56 miles and those conventionally sourced is 1,494 miles.