Our Vision

By working together with our local suppliers we know we can deliver great, local and seasonal foods to our customers at an excellent price. Making sure that everyone is happy.

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Our Vision

We strongly believed that our principles can be applied to the catering industry. We were acutely aware that too many convenience products were being used in catering in order to reduce cost and skill, and therefore the quality and range of food available had deteriorated.

We developed AJ’s to make a real difference to the cafe bar / delicatessen market. We source fresh, locally produced raw materials and supply these to our skilled teams of chefs, who are allowed to then create great honest food for our customers.

They produce freshly made soups, tempting snacks and light bites, or more formal lunches and dinners, and even hand-made cakes and pastries. We passionately believe that because we have taken the time and effort to find the best freshest ingredients available in the area, our customers will recognise the difference in the dishes we serve on their plates.

Our menus are regulary changed and are based on the seasonality of UK produce. We are realists and sometimes we may not be able to source raw materials locally, and if not, we first search regionally and then within the United Kingdom.

We are not unrealistic in our approach - bananas travel over 4,000 miles to be consumed in the UK, as they are not grown here. However we adopt our principles of supporting local businesses by sourcing our bananas from a local responsible distributor, who supports our ethos of welfare and sustainability.

The defining ingredient to our success is the quality of the food on the plate. We know that if we can use the freshest, best quality raw materials, we are half way there. It just so happens that by sourcing these from local, regional and UK producers, we can help their businesses at the same time.

Great, honest, local food means that everybody wins

Dales Stores

Case Study

The Fuse Creative Marketing


The Fuse is a Harrogate based marketing company, who call themselves “small but perfectly formed!” When AJ’s was looking at ways to announce our arrival into the market, we hunted the area to find a marketing partner.
Cath Blakey and Michael French at The Fuse sold themselves as “Good Honest Yorkshire people” and they instantly grasped the ethos of our company.

With clients such as the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust and the Morecambe Bay Wildlife Network, we knew that they understood the values and principles that have driven our company.

The Fuse have been our marketing partner since our inception and have been instrumental in helping us to achieve our success, undertaking large projects such as Strategic Planning and website design and smaller ones such as Menu origination and loyalty cards.
It is vitally important to us that we were able to find a local company that fits our policy of sourcing regional supply whilst maintaining the high quality standards on which AJ’s is based.

The Fuse has done this and we are thrilled that we are able to help Cath and Michael develop their business whilst they help us to build ours.